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One-click planet generation and hosting.

$10 per month for hosting. First month includes free planet.

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How does Urbit work?

Your Urbit is a personal server to take back power from the Silicon Valley giants ruling your life.

It is a clean-slate OS and a unique cryptographic identity on the blockchain.

Learn more here.

How does work?

If you purchase an Urbit ID on your own, you still have to set it up manually on a cloud server.

This is difficult for non-engineers. So we handle that for you and you go straight to the fun stuff.

This is Urbit for the rest of us.

What do I get for my money?

The fee includes initial spawning of the planet as well as hosting on a monthly basis. Your planet exists in a wallet we own--that is a necessity in order to effectively manage your infrastructure on our server. If you cancel, we are happy to transfer it to a wallet of your choice, although we ask that you cover the Ethereum gas fees. We hope to relax this latter requirement in the future if gas fees decrease.


We're in open beta. For support, email